Cairngorm Coffee

Guilty Pleasure


So you know when your friend who worked as a barista in a specialty coffee shop a few years back told you that blends were rubbish? Well they lied and what they really meant was, it it's their guilty pleasure.

You see, blends can be really, really good. The beauty is the consistency of a set profile and for this we've found one packed full of Chocolate & Caramel with big body and sweetness. The coffees that make up this profile - 'the blend' - will change and bring with them different nuance, but they'll still present these qualities that we love.

Our current blend comprises a Natural Brazil 'Mantiqueira' and Washed Guatemalan 'Esmeralda'. This iteration is a fantastic option with milk thanks to its big body, and with notes like Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter, and we think you'll love it especially as an espresso.

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