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Androz by Nelson Ramirez

Origin - Santa Barbara, Honduras

Process - Washed

Varietal - Parainema


We chose this coffee to be this years ‘Nice’ Festive Coffee because of its rich body and sugary finish. Need something that reflects all the good deeds you've done this year? Or maybe something to help you tip the balance; whatever your story, this coffee is sweet, syrupy and delicious.

The farm that grows this great coffee is called Androz and is run by third generation producer Nelson Ramirez. He had always helped his father and grandfather on their farms, and when he was 18 years old he went to study agronomy at university. Four years afterwards he graduated and worked for a food industry company but he longed to have, and once again work on, a coffee farm.

With a strong desire to produce high quality coffee, in 2007 a friend phoned up Nelson to tell him of a great property for sale on "El Cielito". Wasting no time at all, he visited the farm and bought it immediately.

That year he worked to rejuvenate the plants and started to produce his first crops of coffee. By the next year he had prepared his first micro-lot, thanks to Angel Paz of San Vicente Mil, and could sell it as specialty coffee.

Another twelve years on and we feel so fortunate to have worked with our importer partner Langdon Coffee Merchants to secure this brilliant lot that we're so thrilled to finally launch for Christmas! Big shout out also to Calum Doris who designed the outrageously great artwork!

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