Rested Coffee

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Rested coffee is the best coffee and you can order it now with a great reduction in price - up to 65%!

Making your morning cup with freshly roasted coffee is not the best way to enjoy it. When we roast your beans carbon dioxide is trapped inside which gives it an unpleasant sour flavour when brewed. Luckily, it's really easy to sort this but it takes a bit of patience! We recommend that you rest - or wait - for at least 4 to 7 days prior to brewing, depending on your brew method. This will ensure it tastes much sweeter, and more delicious.

When we roast coffee for you there is often some extra coffee leftover. This coffee its still great weeks after roasting but freshness usually matters to our customers and therefore we want it to be roasted that week. .Ordinarily we absorb this tasty disregarded coffee in our shops to decrease wastage. With these closed it makes sense to offer this to customers who perhaps don't care too much about having the option to choose what they receive for themselves.

Of course if coffee quality matters a great deal to you then it's advised that you purchase the coffee full price so that you can take control over the resting variable. If, however, you're after something that'll taste good when you wake up in the morning, that you intend to use up within a couple of weeks, or if you just fancy and absolute steal, then look no further.

- Coffee will be within 3 weeks of roasting.

- You will receive a delicious bag of random coffee from our selection.

- It will be packaged in it's own label, not as in the image.

- It'll still taste great!





We roast all of our coffees on Tuesdays although this may change as we cruise through the current lockdown guidance.


Orders before Tuesday 12pm shipped Tuesday.

Orders after Tuesday 12pm shipped Friday.

Orders after  Friday 12pm shipped Tuesday.


We currently roast for both Filter and Espresso, easily identified by the subsequent Yellow and Black bags. It's important to note that we are always roasting for sweetness, clarity, and body, searching for these things during our quality control sessions on Wednesdays. 

Whilst you should get good results using our Filter roasts as Espresso, and vice versa, the profiles that were chosen for each are done so with solubility in mind.


We encourage you to develop your own recipe as variables change based on water quality and how fresh your coffee is. Our go-to starting point for this coffee is as follows:

Rest for at least 4-days. 1:16 Ratio (20g Coffee / 320g Water) in 3/4 minutes.

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