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Mazateca Decaf - Mexico



Mandarin, Candied Pecan, Syrup






Sierra Mazateca by Small Holders in Oaxaca

Origin - Oaxaca, Mexico

Process - Mountain Water Decaf

Varietal - Typica, Mundo Novo, Bourbon


We have been fortunate enough to source a decaf that we actually want to drink from Raw Material. They have worked alongside small holders in Oaxaca in Mexico, a place where poverty rates are between 60-80% and coffee production yields have become dangerously low. 

The vast majority of Mexico’s 500,000 coffee producers are smallholder farmers and have one hectare or less of land under coffee. This makes the average annual production for many producers just 100kg, making coffee farming more and more unsustainable. These stats emphasis the importance of working with ethical importers as with this coffee to ensure farmers receive the support they need to improve the sustainability of their careers.

This coffee from the Sierra Mazateca region has been transported further north to the Mountain Water decaf facility in Veracruz. They use mineral water from Mexico's highest pak, the Pico de Orizaba, which sits at 5,636 masl. The process is chemical-free, immersing the green beans n a high pressure filtration system which gradually removes the caffeine. Once complete, the beans are re-dried and packed fro export to our roastery and ready to roast for you.

We don't often present decaf coffees on our website unless we feel confident that they are something to shout about. We're getting some great results in our mugs with this coffee, and are enjoying the sweetness of caramelised nuts and mandarin.

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