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Tierra Colorada by Rosalina Ramos

Origin - Cabañas, Honduras

Process - Anaerobic Honey

Varietal - IH-90


We chose this coffee to be 2021's ‘Naughty’ Festive Coffee because of its funky flavours and fruit forward complexity. Think of yourself as someone who walks on thr wild side? Or maybe you need something to give you a bit of edge in time for the office Christmas party; whatever it is, this coffee is packed with flavour and satisfyingly moreish.

The farm where this coffee is grown is called Tierra Colorada. It was three years ago, after her children got married and some of them moved to other regions of the country, that producer Rosalina Ramos fulfilled her dream and bought a plot of land. That same year she, alongside her brother-in-law who helps with all cultivation, decided to plant the land with its first coffee plants.

At this point she had no experience with coffee and we're so impressed by the leaps and bounds in quality in such a short space of time. To present all of the beautiful fermentation present in the cup, the coffee was left for 72 hours in plastic barrels without oxygen. Afterwards, the coffee has some of it's skin removed before being placed on raised beds to dry for between 20-25 days. Leaving some of this sticky mucilage on during this process gives us thee honey process which makes this coffee so interesting.  Anaerobic Honey process.

We were so happy to work with our friends and importer partner Langdon Coffee Merchants to secure this brilliant lot that we're so thrilled to finally launch. Big shout out also to Calum Doris who designed the outrageously great artwork!


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