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Las Palomas



Blackberry, Cola, Passionfruit, Nougat





Las Palomas by Daniel & Maria Monge Garcia

Origin - Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Process - Black Honey

Varietal - Catuai & Catuai


After inheriting some land from his late father alongside some encouragement from his brother, Jorge Adan Monge Garbanzo (‘Don’) started the coffee farm Las Palomas. Sadly passing himself this year, his son and daughter have taken over the production on the farm and we are so fortunate to present this Black Honey lot from their first harvest.

The farm itself has produced some wonderful lots in recent years from its Caturra and  Catuai plants, both Red and Yellow.  The first coffee was harvested without knowledge of its production qualities. However, later in 2007, the family decided to associate with an organisation of agricultural producers called ASOPROAAA, which intended to make known the quality of the coffee being produced in the local area. Under this research, ASOPROAAA announced that in the Acosta and Aserrí regions, coffee was being planted and produced to the highest quality standards. This granted producers of this region both with high prices and quality awards, unique to the world.

The Monge family have remained for more than four generations in coffee. We’re so glad to be able to represent this coffee in the next step for the Las Palomas farm.


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