Yetu Tamu



Honey, Cherry, Apple Cake, Caramac Chocolate





Yetu Tamu produced by Uru & Tujitume Coop's

Importer - DR Wakefield

Origin - Tanzania, Moshi

Process - Washed Peaberry

Varietal - Bourbon, Kent

Altitude - 1700-2000 masl


Yetu Tamu is a really exciting coffee for us at Cairngorm, partly due to the fact we adore African peaberries just like this. Peaberry refers to the shape of the bean and is caused by a sort of mutation causing only one seed to grow inside the cherry instead of two. We almost always find this causes a great syrupy and moreish mouthfeel.

The first coffee grown in the Kilimanjaro region was planted by Catholic missionaries in Kilema at the end of the 19th Century. Throughout the 20th century western demand for coffee grew and as a result cultivation spread through many regions of Tanzania. This coffee comes from Uru Cooperative Society and Tujitume Cooperative (AMCOS), and is exported by Mambo Cooperative Union under the name Yetu Tamu, or ‘Our coffee is sweet’.

The Uru Cooperative Society members have found output has more than halved over the last twenty years as prices dropped and costs rose. The has discouraged younger potential farmers from entering the profession and the average age of farmers has risen. This has meant that a lot of coffee is processed on the farm itself as they are less able to transport the coffee to a CPU. This is where being a member of a cooperative can really deliver value.

Cherries are picked ripe with repeated sweeps of the same plot occurring every couple of weeks or so. The harvested beans are pulped and fermented at home to prevent spoilage before being taken by the cooperative as cherry. Here it is processed and collated before being transported in parchment and offered for sale through the Tanzanian Coffee Board. They then distribute samples to exporting companies and auctions the lots. Once bought, the coffee is further ‘milled’ by Mambo’s facility in Morogoro which means any defects are removed, the beans are laser colour sorted, hand-picked if needed and then bagged.

We think you’ll love this coffee on espresso really enjoying the honey sweet Ceramac notes with milk. As filter you’ll get tasty notes of caramelised apple that we likened to sweet cake, not to mention juicy cherries.


We paid 64.6% over the commodity price of coffee to our importer for this bag. The importers we work with pay a premium to farmers based on the quality they produce and are not driven by market prices.




We ship on Monday, Wednesday & Friday's including orders received by Midday on those days.


We currently roast for both Filter and Espresso, easily identified by the subsequent Yellow and Black bags. It's important to note that we are always roasting for sweetness, clarity, and body, searching for these things during our quality control sessions on Wednesdays. 

Whilst you should get good results using our Filter roasts as Espresso, and vice versa, the profiles that were chosen for each are done so with solubility in mind.


We encourage you to develop your own recipe as variables change based on water quality and how fresh your coffee is. Our go-to starting point for this coffee is as follows:

Rest for at least 7-days. 1:2 Ratio (18g Coffee / 36g Espresso) in 26-33 seconds.

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