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April Coffee Brewer


The April Brewer is a piece of art. Designed by April Coffee Roasters in Copenhagen, it took three years of prototype testing and was only launched once they secured the highest cup score using it in the World Brewers Cup.

It's wonderfully made and comes with a custom-designed saucer and cup that you can brew directly in to. With the cup comes a lid to improve the aroma experience, it also allows you to regulate the temperature to your liking.

A unique flat-bottomed structure regulates your flowrate to produce a sweet and balanced taste experience. The air pockets on the side of the brewer also help to secure a consistent brew every time. 

Please note that the brewers comes without filter papers, but suits both the 155 & 185 Kalita Papers, or Kinto ones available on our site.

The perfect present for the coffee person who wants to upgrade form their V60, Kalita, Aeropress, etc.

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