Cup With Cairngorm

Learn about cupping techniques and grab our curated boxset.

Why We Cup?

Welcome to Cairngorm's Wholesale Portal, upgraded and refreshed for 2024. We try and maintain a good variety of blend, single origin espresso and filter, alongside a mix of processing, varietals, origins, and general flavour profiles. 

You can shop using the below collections or across our entire site with discounted wholesale pricing shown as long as you remain logged in. When it comes to checking out, you'll be able to either pay in full or check-out with payment terms, allowing us to invoice you at a later date.

We roast every Monday and Thursday and ask that you place orders before 10pm the day before roasting to give us the best chance of shipping your coffee promptly. 

Are You Ready?

Pick up our cupping box set which has all our best tasting coffees in the perfect bag size to let you perfect your cupping techniques and also give our range a healthy taste.