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Chabila - Guatemala



Pear, Nectarine & Rhubarb Candy






Chabila by Juan Gabriel Garcia

Origin - Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Process - Washed

Varietal - Caturra


Juan is a second generation coffee producer, and he learned all about coffee production from his father. As he acquired small parcels of land, he decided to use it to plant quality coffee in order to continue his career. This parcel (plot) is named after the Popti Mayan word for 'oak trees'.

He works together with his wife and kids to tend the farm and process the coffees, and they are always working to improve their processes in order to obtain the best possible coffee quality.

One of the key attributes to the sweetness of this coffee we feel is the meticulous hard work down in processing. Juan and his family work together to ensure they depulp their coffee the same day that it's picked before they allow it to dry ferment for 24 hours. Once all of the mucilage has had a chance to break down, they wash it and then leave it in fresh, clean water for a second soak which lasts 12 hours.

From here the coffee is placed on the patios to dry for 4 to 5 days. They've found that the sunniest parts of the day for drying is between 8am and 4pm and fortunately 8 hours is the sweet spot. During this process in the sun they turn the coffee every hour to ensure thorough and even drying, and once successful store it in a cool and dry room until it can be delivered to the warehouse for shipping to our roastery.

The results of all of this is a clean cup with candy vibes like those Rhubarb Custard sweets you ate when you were younger. We're excited to be able to present this with thanks to Juan and family, and Primavera Coffee Importers for sourcing.

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