Santa Luz - Nicaragua

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This coffee originally caught our attention, not only because it's an Inoculated process, but because it was labelled as Pineapple Candy. Very fitting as this coffee delivers very fruit-forward tasting notes, reminiscent of sweet pineapple! Although we can't deny 'Pineapple Candy' sounds irresistible, we've named this new offering after the coffee farm in Nicaragua, Santa Luz, where you'll find not only a fruity, pineapple-forward flavour, but gentle notes of vanilla and a sweetness of orange marmalade. 
H3 varietals are not something that we've had much in the roastery, and if like me you get buzzed on the history of coffee plants then you might find it pretty interesting!
When choosing mutations of different coffee plants to produce at the French Research Institute (ironically a regional network of national coffee institutes in Central America), the H3 plant was not selected due to its susceptibility to the disease 'coffee rust'; this makes its harder to grow successfully. When tasting however, the cup profile was so excellent that some of the farmers in the region choose to cultivate it. Harder graft, sweeter rewards!


- Robi, Founder

Size: 250g
Grind Size: Wholebean

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The producers, La Bastilla Estate, cover two farms - La Bastilla and Santa Luz. These are approximately 20 kilometres away from Jinotega within the Reserva Natural Cerro Dantali El Diablo.

Both farms have been Rainforest Alliance certified since 2003, when they took ownership of the two abandoned coffee farms with the long term view of re-establishing the business in a sustainable manner. This work has involved a lot of replanting and diversification of the varieties on offer. Educational projects were created to provide opportunities for the youth in the local area.

This turned in to a more formal arrangement with the Ministry of Education and now provides schooling for more than 200 children and 6 teachers. All operations are carried out here, from not only the picking and processing, but storage and export.

The H3 varietal was planted in 2015, and is a cross between Caturra and an Ethiopian landrace accession. Produced as part of the first wave of F1 hybrid varieties, H3 does still have some susceptibility to rust but has maintained presence in the fields due to its exceptional cup quality.

Cherries are picked by hand and are fermented in bins with yeast developed specifically for coffee added to control the profile. These special, washed lots have tropical-fruit-like (pineapple) tastes, giving this coffee very tropical, juicy flavours.

You can expect tropical notes of Pink Grapefruit and Pineapple from this 'Rainforest Alliance' certified coffee. A perfect coffee to imagine yourself elsewhere in the colder months!

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