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Gisanga Boxset

Sale price£25.00

Size: 2 x 250g Boxset
Grind: Wholebean


We're thrilled to have partnered with our friends at Langdon Coffee Merchants to bring you two freshly harvested Rwandan coffees from the Gisanga Washing Station. This boxset gives you the chance to try both an Anaerobic and Washed version of this 100% Red Bourbon coffee.

Each box includes a 250g bag of each coffee, both from the Ruhango district in Mbuye, as well as a sticker originally designed by Holagrafiki (in Chile) and inspired by the Gisanga coffee.

The Gisanga Washing Station not only focuses on training women farmers in the best agricultural practices, but also supports the local youth population. Tropic Coffee recognized the need to incentivize the young generation to continue in their family's coffee farming, and thus stepped in to provide guidance and resources. By supporting the youth, they ensure a sustainable coffee industry and better lives for those in rural areas.


Coffee Details

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Gisanga Boxset
Gisanga Boxset Sale price£25.00

Strawberry, Candied Lime, Lemon Sherbet


Mbuye, Rwanda


Washed / Anaerobic


Red Bourbon