Gisanga - Washed Rwanda

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If you're looking for a smooth and syrupy coffee, this one is for you! This is our second year purchasing from this lot with the help of our friends at Langdon Coffee Merchants. From this harvest, we're getting even cleaner and sweeter flavours than ever, making it the perfect addition to your summer! This coffee also makes up 50% of our Summer Banger blend.

- Robi, Founder


Size: 250g
Grind: Wholebean

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This exquisite coffee comes to you from the Gisanga Washing Station, a beacon of sustainable agriculture and community development, brought to us through our partners at Langdon Coffee Merchants.

Grown at 1650 to 1800 meters above sea level and made from 100% Red Bourbon varietal, this coffee is a testament to meticulous cultivation and processing. The journey of each bean begins in the nutrient-rich soils of Mbuye, where the focus is on training women farmers in best agricultural practices—from seedling preparation to harvesting—ensuring quality from the ground up.

Yet, the Gisanga Washing Station’s mission extends beyond agriculture. In a region where many youth dream of urban life, Tropic Coffee has stepped in to illustrate the potential of coffee farming as a viable and profitable future. By engaging with local youth and emphasising modern farming techniques and value-added processes, they are fostering a new generation of coffee enthusiasts who see promise in their family’s coffee fields.

You may have already tried the Anaerobic process of this coffee which we have had already this year, or maybe even this washed process from us in previous year. This process is pretty meticulous and uses 'Theresa’s Natural Spring', a source named after the Theresa family from the 1980s, which has long been a part of the local heritage for its pristine waters. The coffee cherries are hand-sorted, floated, and on the day of harvest, pulped in the evening, with beans separated into different grades. Beans are then fermented for 10 to 16 hours in open tanks.

We are getting even cleaner, sweeter flavours from the harvest this year, with a unique flavour combination of Raspberry and Lemon Sherbet.

Red Coffee

What Does Our Colour System Mean?

We categorise each coffee into a colour system that identifies the 'vibe' and general tasting notes of that category of coffee. It can also have a relation to what brewing method works best, the processes used to create it or the varietal of the actual bean. Watch the video below to hear from a member of the team on what exactly this colour represents.


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