Orange, Caramel, Marzipan & Black Tea





Hermosa produced by Coope Dota

Importer - Dr Wakefield

Origin - Costa Rica

Process - Washed

Varietal - Caturra & Catuai

Altitude - 1500-1800 masl


Prior to the arrival of Coope Dota, coffee farming in the area was difficult as the producers had little or no expertise in agronomy. The coffee was previously sold to middlemen who paid producers unfairly, and there were no wet mills nearby which meant a long trip to be able to process their coffee. 

The closest wet mill was “La Raya” in Desamparados, where coffee carts were taken to for measuring and to prevent the coffee cherries from fermenting. Mr Estanislao Ureña Mora was responsible for introducing coffee to the area, and gave seed to his brother Jose Ureña Mora. Between the two, they sowed a plantation of two hectares and produced their coffee without the use of agrochemicals.

Then came Ramon Blanco who built a wet mill in San Pablo de Leon Cortes, and producers began taking their coffee there. In 1929 a wet mill was built in Santa Maria, but as there was so much uncertainty in prices, producers turned to the Banco Nacional (National Bank), which had a department where farmers were given recommendations on how to process their own coffee. Thus was born the Coope Dota R.L.

The varietals grown are mainly Caturra and Catuai, but some farmers are experimenting with Obata, the cross between Timor Hybrid and Villa Sarchi brought to Costa Rica from Brazil by ICAFE in 2014. Coffee from here is picked by hand and pulped mechanically, leaving it super clean ready for the fermentation stage and drying on patios.

We have chosen this as a fantastic, approachable single origin espresso. It’s sure to present you with a show stopping body that’s buttery and creamy, with some light relief of orange acidity and fragrant black tea.

We paid 63% over the commodity price of coffee to our importer for this bag. The importers we work with pay a premium to farmers based on the quality they produce and are not driven by market prices.




We roasted on Monday & Thursday's.


Orders before Monday 12pm shipped Monday.

Orders before Thursday 12pm shipped Thursday.


We currently roast for both Filter and Espresso, easily identified by the subsequent Yellow and Black bags. It's important to note that we are always roasting for sweetness, clarity, and body, searching for these things during our quality control sessions on Wednesdays. 

Whilst you should get good results using our Filter roasts as Espresso, and vice versa, the profiles that were chosen for each are done so with solubility in mind.


We encourage you to develop your own recipe as variables change based on water quality and how fresh your coffee is. Our go-to starting point for this coffee is as follows:

Rest for at least 7-days. 1:2 Ratio (18g Coffee / 36g Espresso) in 26-33 seconds.

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