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Introducing: DAYDREAM. Our new house filter. You know those coffees that you can drink all day? That was our vision, or criteria if you will, while sourcing coffee for Daydream. Our first coffee for Daydream was a smooth and silky Washed Burundi, a truly nice coffee. This month, we've introduced a new coffee for Daydream- Atzumpa. This coffee is a Honey El Salvador, with soft fruitiness, and a syrupy body. If funky coffees aren't your jam, this jammy coffee certainly will be!

- Hannah, Head of Quality & Roasting

Size: 250g
Grind: Wholebean

Let your mind wander..

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Finca Atzumpa is owned by the fifth generation of the Ariz-Herrera family, making it one of El Salvador's first specialty coffee farms (1875). They bring sustainability, social responsibility, and employment to their local community and have won numerous awards, including two Cup of Excellence wins (2018-19).

Atzumpa is in Concepción de Ataco, Ahuachapan, in the Apaneca-Ilama mountain range. This range is part of the Apaneca-Ilama Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO 2007) and includes forest plantations, grassland, and crops; it also has 12 endangered flora, 58 threatened species, and 12 bird/animal endemics. Ahuachapan was the first place in El Salvador to grow coffee after seeds were brought over from Guatemala in the 1700's.

This Bourbon, grown at 1375 metres above sea level, stood out to us when cupping coffees from our importer friends at Ally Coffee.

What is Daydream?

This acts much in the way our 'Guilty Pleasure' coffee does for Espresso, fulfilling a taste profile and cost, but allowing the coffees to come and go with the seasons.

As a 'House Filter' you can now enjoy this coffee, cherry picked to effortlessly fit within your brew bar set up. We always aim for it to be sweet, juicy and delicious!


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