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Los Robles



Dark Chocolate, Orange & Vanilla





Los Robles by Rodolfo Jimenez

Origin - Honduras

Process - Natural

Varietal - IH-90, Catuai


The cherries at Los Robles are picked carefully when ripe, then the cherries are put directly on raised beds for around 22 days to dry. The cherries are then raked every 30 mins using wood sticks and while drying are sorted by hand to remove defective beans.

During his youth, Rodolfo was drafted for military service and served in the army for 8 years. In 1996 he returned and started a small farm of 1/2 hectare, thanks to the advice and support of a friend of the village. A year later he married his wife and continued buying other small plots and planting them with coffee until he had the farm that he has today.

Sadly, in 2011 his family lost their entire farm due to the strong La Roya attack. At this point they weren't knowledgeable of the disease and they couldn't control it. The following year they began to plant the farm again but with the more resistant variety we have here, Ihcafe 90.

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