For Those Who Care - A Cairngorm Christmas Advert

For Those Who Care - A Cairngorm Christmas Advert

After months of planning, last week we were finally able to shoot our first ever Christmas ad campaign. It was legit, it was official and it's turned out bloody amazing (well, we think so and we hope you do to).

To set the scene, it was a classic windy Scottish day in Glasgow, like really windy (we're talking 40mph +), not the most ideal for our super professional shoot that was so professional we'd gone so far as to hire a snow machine but hey, we're Scottish so might as well roll with it. We were extremely lucky to be able to shoot in the most beautiful house and a big thanks for the home owners for letting us turn the place into Christmas Day for 12 hours.

The whole crew arrived at 9am sharp to get things going as we only had around 45 minutes to setup before the first scene had to be shot. A shoutout to the M8 as Robi + Harris were only 20 minutes late but they didn't shy away from their designated jobs as head set designers and we all soon got cracking on turning the living room into a warm Christmas vibe.

From there it was a whirlwind, moving from scene to scene, shot to shot and trying our best to keep on time (with most of that credit going to Lost Clock who were shooting this ad and definitely added that professional flare that was required - even if it meant shushing Robi when he didn't listen to the 'Quiet on set' call out). Grazing throughout the day on some delicious Ikea biscuits and hearty deli sandwiches (thanks Robi, even if it did take you 30 mins to browse the menu) we made good progress with each scene requiring meticulous lighting and camera setup to ensure that perfect final shot.

But as soon as the first "Action" was called, it was coming to the closing "And that's a wrap" (proudly declared by head set designers Robi & Harris). We begrudgingly cleaned up the remnants of Christmas that were left and dreamed of the warm Maccies that was awaiting us on the drive home.

The day was really awesome though and all of the crew, cast and tag alongs (that's us) seemed to enjoy it. An acting debut for some and a potential new career in set design for others, it was just as joyful as the final advert turned out to be. Hopefully you loved it and boy have we got to sell some coffee now or you can expect next year to be an iPhone filmed highlight of Robi reenacting Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas' music video.

Check out some of the behind the scenes pictures below for an insight into just what we got up to throughout the day and keep your eyes peeled for a feature cut BTS video really taking you inside the minds of geniuses and apprentices alike.

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