How We're Dealing With Covid

How We're Dealing With Covid
2020 will forever be remembered as the year that wasn’t.
Spring was cancelled, Summer was too, and Autumn is diluted with the likelihood of Christmas being a snow day.
However, amidst the chaos of understanding the Job Retention Scheme and ordering hiked price sneeze guards and hand sanitiser, we probably learnt more about ourselves than we have in some time. Feeling vulnerable almost always gives you a sense of perspective, and in this case we were able to spend our new found time to scrutinise ourselves more than we ever have; from tearing apart our sandwich costings and rethinking how we offer food to rethinking service to ensure staffing was in line with what little turnover we could gather.
I’m sure most independent businesses, usually run off their feet with managers managing everything from social media to cleaning toilets, will agree that the chance to breath for a moment has had benefit. Unexpectedly I feel we may now have a surer, more refined foot outstretched than in 2019. Of course being more organised doesn’t mean that the looming threat of further disruption won’t eat up the rest of our cash flow, but you can only do what you can!
With all of that said, I wanted to offer some insight to you about what we are currently doing to keep everyone safe and well.
  1. We now offer table service to limit the need for customers to venture far from their table whilst all takeaway service is limited to three orders at a time.
  2. Any groups sitting inside or out are completing Track & Trace with the implementation of our WiFi/Stampede integration.
  3. Our menus are displayed digitally on our website and physical ones are single use and recycled afterwards.
  4. We offer hand sanitiser on entry to the shop, at the counter and at entry to the toilets (which are one in, one out).
  5. All of our staff are signing in to each shift with a disclaimer that they carry no symptoms and are safe to work. They are split into two separate, isolated teams to ensure the least possible spread if the worst case scenario happened.
  6. We have sneeze guards fitted at all areas that a customer may wait, as well as between two shared tables.
  7. We are regularly using specially formulated Virus Sprays to sanitise the shop, and staff are taking all expected hand washing/sanitising regularly.
  8. We are playing absolutely no sound from our speakers.
  9. We’re requesting that parties entering or sitting inside our shop are of two households only, and not seating more than 6 at a table.
  10. Customers must wear masks when entering the shop, but may remove once they are seated.
I think that’s all for now although we may have to add or subtract house rules as things continue to develop.
I’d like to say a massive thanks to all that have supported us in any way. We have our Pre-Order Tees shipping very soon, and continue to feel blessed to serve regular faces. 
All that’s left to say is stay safe, keep well and see you soon.

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