Mió Gesha - Brazil

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We're so thrilled to finally offer a coffee from our pals at Mio Coffee. We had the honour of meeting and chatting with Ana Luiza Pellicer from Mio to discuss their practices and operations down in Brazil. We are truly in awe of the work they're doing in Monte de Minas, and so proud that we're able to add this coffee to our line-up. We were particularly drawn to this coffee due to it's creamy body, and crowd-pleasing flavour profile. We found this Gesha incredibly approachable, and hope it draws a new audience to a well-processed, and overall high quality coffee. We're currently really enjoying this coffee on filter, and espresso in the roastery! 

- Hannah, Head of Quality & Roasting 

Size: 250g
Grind Size: Wholebean

Every Coffee Has A Story

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This coffee is brought to you from the hard workers at Mio coffee. This coffee underwent mechanical de–pulping of the cherries at the wet mill while ensuring the mucilage stays attached to the beans. The sticky part of the cherry contains high amounts of sugar, resulting in a pronounced body. This coffee was harvested by:

Aparecida do Rosario Alves
Celia de Jesus B. Severiano
Doroti Valquiria Ribeiro
Lucimar Sales Barretos Santos
Luzia Fermino Ribeiro
Maria C. A. da Silva Durao
Maria N. de Castro Lopes
Nilza do Carmo Barbosa
Veronica de Oliveira Carvalho

You can explore the process from harvest to where the coffee lands in the warehouse in London in the 'coffee garden of forking paths'.

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We categorise each coffee into a colour system that identifies the 'vibe' and general tasting notes of that category of coffee. It can also have a relation to what brewing method works best, the processes used to create it or the varietal of the actual bean. Watch the video below to hear from a member of the team on what exactly this colour represents.


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