'Decade' Art Print

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Style: Orange 'King of the Pines'
Size: A4 [297mm x 210mm]

This artwork was created as a collaboration with a fantastic Chilean artist, Rafa (@holagrafiki). We created a slightly surreal storyline that develops over three separate pieces of artwork that loosely tells the story of Cairngorm so far.

The art is printed on a warm and heavy natural stock made from 100% genuine de-inked post consumer waste (recycled paper). The 300gsm unbleached paper comes unframed and is sturdy enough to hang right on the wall of your study, or placed in a frame to complete the look.

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Meet Rafa Cuevas, the creative force behind Holygrafiki, and the artist for these incredible anniversary prints.

Rafa is a versatile artist weaving tales through graphic art. Combining skills as an illustrator, storyteller, and psychologist, his journey into illustration began in 2012. With a self-taught approach, he swiftly transitioned from psychology to pursue his passion for creativity.

From humble beginnings, Rafa's exploration of the graphic realm led him through muralism and tattooing before finding his niche in digital illustration. Under the pseudonym 'Holagrafiki', he crafts compelling narratives and visually captivating artworks. His portfolio spans handmade and digital illustration, character design, graphic design, screen printing, acrylic painting, and more.

With a blend of artistic prowess and psychological insight, Rafa Cuevas breathes life into every stroke, inviting audiences into captivating worlds of imagination. I hope you agree that these are some really special pieces that summarise in a beautifully surreal way the history of Cairngorm Coffee.

Instagram : @holagrafiki

Made Great Memories

First opening our doors on Frederick St in March 2014, we're so proud of the journey we've made so far and of all of the incredible people who have joined us to fundamentally guide us to this point.

Thank you for all of the support, thank you for your interest in drinking our coffee, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the greatest memories that I will never forget over the last decade. Here's to many more!