Galeras Decaf - Colombia

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We are delighted to introduce Galeras, an exquisite, vibrant decaf coffee sourced from our good friends at Ally Coffee. This decaf is among the most flavorful we've tasted, embodying the essence of our orange category.

During our cupping session, we discovered strong hints of grapefruit, meringue, and blackcurrant, evoking fond memories of everyone's favorite Ribena drink. Galeras is an exceptional choice for either filter brewing or espresso, producing a velvety and well-balanced flat white.

Looking for a juicy coffee without the caffeine? Look no further, this coffee is the perfect fit for you.

- Robi, Founder

Size: 250g
Grind: Wholebean

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The town of Buesaco, located in the Nariño department of the Andes Mountains in Colombia, is home to Promotora Cafe de Altura. This cooperative's premises includes their offices, cupping lab, and warehouses, and they source coffees from 300+ smallholder farmers in the region. Throughout harvest delivery the co-op cups beans for consistent and uniform lots. This decaf is a blend of batches from farms near the Galeras Volcano, processed using the Ethyl Acetate (EA) decaffeination method. The farmers are rewarded with premiums over the market price for achieving high-quality standards and avoiding the usage of chemicals, such as glyphosate.

Ethyl acetate is produced by esterification between ethyl alcohol, which is derived from the fermentation of sugar cane, and acetic acid. The green coffee is submerged in a wash of water and ethyl acetate, during which the ethyl acetate bonds with the caffeine in the coffee and begins to extract it from the green seeds. The EA solution is flushed and the process is repeated until reaching a minimum decaffeination level of 97%. Finally, the green coffee is steamed to remove any remaining ethyl acetate from the seeds.

Orange Coffee

What Does Our Colour System Mean?

We categorise each coffee into a colour system that identifies the 'vibe' and general tasting notes of that category of coffee. It can also have a relation to what brewing method works best, the processes used to create it or the varietal of the actual bean. Watch the video below to hear from a member of the team on what exactly this colour represents.


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