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Tarsila Daterra Masterpiece - Natural Anaerobic, Gesha

Wonder Series
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Size: 100g

The Wonder Series is back for its second iteration and this is one of the most exciting ever. These coffees highlight some of the best scoring lots we can get our hands on and are all served in 100g tins to keep the price reasonable. Attached to each is a silicone band which can be worn with pride too to show you got your hands on the good stuff.

When we were younger eBay was all about staring at a screen, heart racing, hoping that we'd get the highest bid. And let me tell you, the elation when you did was absolutely palpable. These days it's all 'buy it now', or 'make an offer', but it was a thrill to be a part of the Daterra Masterpiece Auction last year for this coffee which we were lucky to get our hands on.

The lot we won and are proud to share with you here was a third of the entire lot from Daterra in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Each year the masterful Cuppers at Daterra search the vast potential of their own unique small lots of coffee for their Masterpieces. The very small farm is a lab, where they test new ways of producing coffee. The lab is rich with new and unusual varietals, processing methods, drying techniques and limitless experiments. Each coffee has a unique cup profile and scores 88+, is fully traceable, planted and grown with history and can never be replicated.

This Anaerobic Natural, Gesha is named Tarsila, but why that name? Well this coffee has inspired AI to create a piece of art based on the flavour profile of the coffee, and in the style of Latin-American modernist artist Tarsila do Amaral.

In the cup it is highly complex, as you would imagine for such a special coffee. We jotted down tasting notes including Perthshire Strawberries, Pink Foam Shrimps, Watermelon, Turkish Delight and Pear Cordial with a White Sugar and Wild Honey sweetness, and Soft Mandarin acidity.

Please note that your coffee may have a roast date of more than a week due to the small quantity available of this coffee.

Wonder Series

What Does Our Colour System Mean?

We categorise each coffee into a colour system that identifies the 'vibe' and general tasting notes of that category of coffee. It can also have a relation to what brewing method works best, the processes used to create it or the varietal of the actual bean.

What Is The Wonder Series?

Let our staff explain to you what each colour means and why they like it.

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