Cairngorm x Wolfmask Tote

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Did you know that our founder, Robi, once slapped the bass for a punishingly loud melodic punk rock band called Cleavers? The band's singer, also known as "Wolfmask", is a master at designing band artwork, and has created some killer designs for bands all around the world. So, naturally, we had to ask him to make a custom tote for Cairngorm.

Featuring a white print on a durable Stanley Stella Tote Bag, this bag is perfect for your next trip.

Cut in premium 300gsm 80% reclaimed cotton, 20% recycled polyester and features clean and reinforcing finishes. The top edge is double folded for strength and a clean finish, with long handles and reinforced cross stitch to make sure you keep a hold of any heavy items in your trolley. 

Dimensions - 37cm x 43cm.

Please note that these are made to order and therefore may take a few days to arrive with us before shipping out.  

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