Primavera Sisterhood - Guatemala

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The role of women in the coffee value chain continues to evolve and they earn more recognition with each year that passes but in coffee, gender equity is still a challenge because of the long-standing dominance of men at certain points of the value chain.
We're loving this creamy and sweet coffee, reminiscent of red apple acidity, balanced out by chocolate and hazelnut notes and a sweet lingering toffee aftertaste.

- Hannah, Head of Quality & Roasting

Size: 250g
Grind: Wholebean

Every Coffee Has A Story

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If you were lucky enough to try our previous coffee from Guatemala, you will know that we've been buying coffee from the origin for many years now with the help of our friends, the importers, Primavera Green Coffee. Much like the last coffee, this is a full traceable blend from farmers in the much lauded (and hard to spell) Huehuetenango, Primavera Sisterhood is an all-women produced coffee created to celebrate the efforts of women who produce coffee in the region.

When we purchased Primavera Sisterhood, a portion of the price goes back to the producer as a premium for their efforts as female coffee growers - something that puts a great big smile on our face.

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What Does Our Colour System Mean?

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