Wilfa Classic Aroma Coffee Grinder

Sale price£130.00

We back these so highly that we actually used one to serve batch brew in the shop when our grinder broke. Although not advised for such high volume, it turns making coffee at home into an even more enjoyable task!

The Wilfa Svart Aroma is an amazingly well designed, professional electric coffee grinder. Don't be put off by it's reasonable price, it's style and quality shoots way beyond our expectations compared to other options sub £200. The Wilfa Grinder really does ensure you can create cafe-quality ground coffee in the comfort of your home or office thanks to it's 40mm conical steel burrs that give you fantastic, consistent particle distribution.

It comes with markings to advise on five different grinding sizes for a range of brewing techniques, from AeroPress to French press and is powered by an efficient motor that generates minimal heat to preserve the full flavour of the coffee beans.

The supplied coffee bean container and coffee tray are made of transparent plastic material with a UV filter that protects against sunlight, whilst the timer function allows you to set the time in relation to the amount of coffee.